Minister of Authorized Protection Sander Dekker, who is also dependable for gambling policy, has sent a letter to the Residence of Reps. The letter similar to the on line gambling current market in the Netherlands. The intention was to notify the authority about the current phase of the market and long term growth. Do not overlook the hottest world-wide on line casino news to stay tuned for updates.

As was stated in the letter, the on the net gambling market place was officially launched on October 1. Currently, the amount of licenses is 11, however, the Minister is confident that it is just the starting, the quantity of accredited operators in the state will improve.

There was also a considerable changeover of the buyers from illegal operators to lawful types. The principal proof of this assertion is the increase in website visitors, which is always inspected by the KSA. A huge amount of the companies also refused to supply gambling solutions to the Netherlands’ players. It was the response to the new policy of the penalties procedure.

Sander Dekker stated the good impact of the changeover to the lawful sector. He has also reminded that the primary aim for the govt is to defend gamblers and retain them away from illegal gambling action.

One more summary of the on-line gambling advancement is the existing size of the market place, which is rated at €814 million in 2021.

Dekker is absolutely sure that the legalization of on the internet gambling exercise in the region is the correct determination, which complicates and simplifies the government’s responsibilities. On the a person hand, there’re more jobs than earlier, but on an additional hand, it’s less complicated to control the current market and defend citizens.

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