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Chinese New Year Cards
Chinese New Year Cards Chinese New Year Cards Chinese New Year Cards  

Welcome to the famous Chinese World!!! The following will give you an insight to some key aspects of Chinese customs. Not only famous in China, but these are acknowledged the entire world over. So read on to further find about them.

Chinese Zodiac:  Based on the 12-year cycle, the Chinese Zodiac has 12 different animals representing each of the years. People born in the year of any particular animal are born with some traits of that animal. So, to determine their Chinese Zodiac Sign, one only needs to find out the year in which he or she was born.

Chinese Astrology:   With the help of Chinese calendar, based on its 12- year cycle of animals, the Chinese Astrology is used to predict the future. The means of forecasting is done by using: the Zodiac, ancient Chinese religion, the five elements of Chinese thought and calendar cycles based on astronomy.

Chinese Lunar Calendar:   A Chinese lunar calendar is based on the dates indicative of the moon phase. Having a month that corresponds to a lunation so that the day of month indicates the moon phase. It would be a luni-solar calendar if it tracks the seasons as well.<custom:middle-ad>

Chinese Festivals: Through out the Lunar year, Chinese Festivals are celebrated. Since calendar year and the Lunar year are not alike, the festivals occur on different dates every year. Each of these festivals is full on enthusiasm and partaking. The city of Hong Kong looks awe-inspiring with illuminations and embellishment. Some of the important Chinese festivals are as follows:

Chinese New Year, Ching MingTin Hau (T'ien Hou), Birthday of Buddha, Cheng Chau Festival (Festival of the Bun Hills), Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival, Mid Autumn Festival.

Chinese Fortune Cookies:   These cookies are small wafers that carry within themselves a chit each, foretelling a fortune. It is not the cookie, but the fortune chit within them that makes them so famous.

Chinese Food Recipes:

  • Kung Pao Chicken:  This cuisine is prepared with chopped chicken, chili peppers, and peanuts
  • Peking Duck:  This is a Beijing dish made of fleshy pieces of duck cooked with crusty skin. This dish is served with Mandarin pancakes and hoisin sauce.
  • Salt and Pepper Shrimp: The shrimp in the dish is so finely fried that its shell gives off an amazing rust color. The fried shell keeps the meat within, soft, spicy and moist.
  • Lobster Cantonese:  In this dish, lobster tails are prepared in a spicy sauce with Chinese black beans.    

Chinese Art : The Chinese Art has practiced by the Chinese artists and performers since the time unknown. The ancient ‘stone-age art’ of making potteries and sculptures dates from 10,000 BC.

Some of the modern and ancient forms of art that are still being practiced are as follows:

  • Martial arts
  • Poetry
  • Painting
  • Chinese paper art
  • Chinese paper folding art
  • Bronze sculpture.

The ethics and conventions of China are as famous as the country itself. The Chinese world, explained above, is much appreciated globally. From Chinese Kung-Fu to Chinese Dragons… everything about China is attention-grabbing.  

Happy Chinese New Year!!