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Chinese New Year is certainly one of the most popular festivals that attract a large number of Chinese populations located at different corners of the world. Commonly addressed as the Spring Festival, it generally takes place during the later half of January or the first half of February every year. This auspicious ceremony does have a rich history and it is celebrated in a traditional way. Much before the actual New Year arrives, people start gearing up for the ultimate excitement you can expect to have. The Chinese New Year eve is full of planning and preparation for the coming days of glory. At least a week or fortnight ahead of the occasion, people clean up their houses as they believe that cleaning sweeps away the bad luck of the previous year and will bring good luck to their homes.

As the whole of China, as well as other countries with a good percentage of Chinese population venture out on making the necessary arrangements, it is a common picture to see markets set up near the New Year. The vendors lined down the streets to sell New Year-related products. These open-air markets offer you a good collection of floral products, toys and clothing.

In order to make enough provision for the upcoming festival, you will discover crowds throng in to these shops buying the plum tree and other products. During the Chinese New Year eve people go out for shopping some new clothes. Following the tradition of wearing red during the Chinese New Year, the natives try to buy red clothes to gift their children and family members. The children buy the craftworks and their color books for some activity during the New Year.

While some arrange the invite a lion dance troupe for the New Year celebration, some buy firecrackers during this time so that they can burn them to drive away the evil. Apart from decorating their homes with colorful streamers and paper cutouts of Chinese auspicious phrases and couplets, the revelers shop some of the finest foods like Mandarin oranges, Turnip Cakes, Nian Gao, Melon Seed, Jiaozi dumplings, etc. The interest and energy connected with Chinese New Year eve is not to be missed out. The preparation of Chinese New Year continues to a full extent as people arrange for the dinner during the Chinese New Year's Eve. The happy mood of the people due to the advent of this major festival is to be felt. The surroundings and the mood of the people seem to enjoy the height of elation during this eve. Log on to to know all the details on Chinese New Year eve and other relevant information on Chinese New Year