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In China people ring in the New Year with Chinese New Year Costume. From cleaning their houses, paying off debts, painting their doors and window panes to purchasing new year clothes and even getting new haircuts, The Chinese New Year is a hub of activity. These activities represent new life and new beginnings. Chinese New Year Costume actually reflects a long and complex interaction between elegance and tradition.According to the Chinese tradition a graceful costume is the only means to showcase the elegance of a human body. Chinese New Year Costume reminds people of that age old tradition.

In many parts of china people wear traditional costumes on the New Year's Day and greet their parents and grand parents. This is a simple yet a thoughtful way to unify the family ties.

Chinese New Year Costume for women ranges from cheongsams, qipaos, mandarin blouses to jackets and pants.

For men, Mandarin shirts with Mandarin collars, Dragon shirts, Kung Fu suits & Chinese coats are some of the famous Chinese New Year Costumes. The Chinese New Year Costume conveys the true essence of an immortal line "A garden full of the beauty of spring can not be prevented from being enjoyed."

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