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The celebrations of the Chinese New Year is marked by the welcoming of the gods from heaven and earth. The Chinese new year in Chinatown is celebrated in a special way, where the first day of the lunar year is celebrated as the Chinese New Year and the full moon. This occurs after fifteen days and thus marks the end of the new year. The 15th day of the year is actually celebrated as the lantern festival. The Chinese calendar follows a blend of the lunar and solar movements. The lunar cycle duration is about 29.5 days.

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Since the Chinese calendar follows the likes of the blend of the lunar and solar movements, there is a difference in the dates between the international New Year and the Chinese New Year. So in order to make up this particular gap, an extra month is added once in every few years by the Chinese people. The Chinese new year in Chinatown is replete with celebrations, decorations, superstitions and the food preparations. Events on the eve of Chinese new year in Chinatown:

There are many Chinatowns all over the world that have became deep rooted with the turn of innumerable centuries. The Chinatowns are basically trading centers or areas that are populated by the Chinese men and their families who emigrated from China to other parts of the world. It is important to note that because of this acceleration of emigration in the some years back, today we can see several Chinatowns in different parts of the globe. The Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year festivities are celebrated with dragon and lion dances. These are accompanied by the rhythm of clashing of cymbals, by pounding of drums,clanging on a gong, clapping of hardwood clappers. This is not all and you will also find the loud Chinese firecrackers being set off in front of ethnic Chinese storefronts, where the "lion" character attempts to reach for a lettuce or catch an orange. There are basically two performers and performances involving several stunts. In return of the performances, the storekeepers usually donate some money to the performers. It requires special mention that some of the performers belong to local martial arts groups. Some of the Chinatowns streets on the eve of the Chinese new year, remain closed for the parades, also for the acrobatics and martial arts demonstrations of the performers. Not to forget the exquisite carnival rides that attract people in large number during the event. provides you information about Chinese new year in Chinatown, to know more on the other Chinese aspects, do keep browsing the pages of the site, you never know what interesting knowhow you might chance upon!