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Celebrations of the Chinese New Year in Vancouver is done on a grand scale. The Chinatown, Vancouver, British Columbia is the largest in British Columbia. The main center of the older Chinatown is Pender and Main Streets in downtown Vancouver actually can be traced back to the late 19th century. This is often considered one of the oldest surviving Chinatowns. It is also known for a variety of modern culture and literature of Chinese Canadians. The Chinatowns of Vancouver comprises of numerous galleries, shops, restaurants, and markets besides the Chinese Cultural Center and the Dr. Sun Yat Sen classical Chinese garden park. All these elements of the Vancouver Chinatown makes for the special Chinese New Year celebration in Vancouver when the time for celebration is on the high.

Specialty of the Vancouver Chinatown:

Chinatown presents the pretty picture of the Vancouver residents of Chinese descent. However this was not the case in the in the 1880s, when the swampy fringe area of the False Creek became well known as the Chinatown. Chinatown is considered one of the city's earliest districts in terms of commerce and residents .

It contains a remarkable collection of buildings from Vancouver's growing years during the turn of the last century. Traditionally the Vancouver Chinatown is popular for the hosting of four main annual community events. There are many other demonstrations, parades ,performances, and festivals throughout the year. However one of the greatest and the most important is the Chinese New Year celebration in Vancouver.

Chinese New Year Parade on the eve of Vancouver celebration of Chinese new year:

The Chinese new year is welcomed in Vancouver with much pompous and splendor. The Chinese New Year Parade is one of the important aspect of the celebrations during the time of the Chinese new year. The parade is generally held on the first Sunday of the Chinese (Lunar) New Year. The arrival of the new year is thus accompanied with lions, storytelling and crafts, lucky red packets. It specially attracts the younger children who are overwhelmed by the amount of colors used in the event. Luncheons are also served on the occasion. Every body is welcomed and donations too are appreciated for making the celebration a success. Families also take part in the parade and with the crowd the whole ambiance echoes with the spirit of celebration. provides you information about Chinese New Year celebration in Vancouver, to know more on the other Chinese aspects, do keep browsing the pages of the site, you never know what interesting knowhow you might chance upon!