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The New York City also known as NYC is recognized as the largest city in the US and its metropolitan area ranks as one of the largest among the urban areas world wide. Due to its influences in media, politics, education, entertainment and fashion NYC is reputed to be the alpha world city. This city boasts of the powerful cultural centers of arts. Visiting NYC during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year is one of the best trips to NYC that one can have as they enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration in NYC with loads of cultural programs, public performances and fireworks etc. The firecracker ceremony and the cultural fest start from the Chatham Square and this makes your holiday in NYC during the Chinese New Year celebrations a more memorable occasion. The lighting of the firecrackers takes place to scare off the evil spirits and following this the big stage of Chatham Square features cultural programs which continue for the whole day. these cultural programs are mostly conducted by the various traditional and contemporary Asian-American performers who perform music and dance shows.

Inclusive of the cultural performances the numerous lion, dragon and unicorn dance troupes tend to participate in making this traditional celebration of Chinese New Year in NYC (New York City) are livelier event at main streets of Chinatown.

These processions pass through the Mott Street, the Bowery, East Broadway, Bayard Street, Elizabeth Street and Pell Street. The fireworks for the Chinese New Year celebration in NYC are known to take place in the Columbus Park and the Chinatown sky looks simply spectacular with all the fireworks going on during the jubilations of the Chinese New Year in NYC (New York City). The New Year Flower Market tends to be held in Columbus Park for the jubilations of NYC (New York City) Chinese New Year. The cultural performances and demonstrations throughout the celebrations are sure to give you the impression of being in China amidst all the jubilations and festivities.

Thousands of people tend to come and enjoy these jubilations of Chinese New Year celebration in NYC and their number goes above 5 thousand most of the time and the Chinese population in NYC (New York City) is known to celebrate this festivity in the traditional manners as they paint their houses before the Chinese New Year. They also tend to decorate their houses with bright and gorgeous decorative items. The family unions and feasting with the family and friends is an integral part of the Chinese New Year in NYC (New York City) just like the traditional Chinese New Year jubilations are conducted. Know more about the Chinese New Year celebration in NYC as you read through providing information about Chinese New Year.