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Chinese New Year celebration New York are marked by marching bands, elaborate floats on the streets of New York, dragon and lion dance shown on the roads. The magicians perform in the streets with the parade of New Year and are accompanied by musicians, and acrobats. The local organizations of New York take the initiative to celebrate Chinese New Year celebration New York with the Chinese lining in New York city. They are celebrated with great enthusiasm, not providing any chance for the Chinese to miss their native country. The celebration takes the shape of such a grand event in most parts of America or USA, that it is often referred as American Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year celebration New York starts with cleaning the houses to welcome the good fortune in their homes ans so, it is known as Spring Cleaning with the name of spring Festival associated with Chinese New Year celebrations. Then the people bid farewell to Kitchen God and new fortune starts with the return of the Kitchen God in New Year's Day.

The celebration of Chinese New Year celebration New York begin with dishes carrying symbolic meanings on the New Year's Eve. Whole fish is visible in each and every table which symbolize surplus. There are seafoods including shrimp preparations, which symbolize laughter and happiness. Oysters are believed to bring good business and new horizons are opened in their lives with clams. These meanings are easily derived from the Chinese way of pronounciating these names. Chinese New Year celebration New York also include the colors red and gold, gold symbolizing wealth and red symbolizing happiness. The Chinese prefer to wear red color clothes in the New Year's Day, which is sure to bring a bright future full of happiness. The families get together for New Year's Eve dinner and thus a family bonding is created. They also exchange gifts with one another. Red envelope with money inside, is distributed to close relatives and friends to bring good luck in the lives. Though over time, Chinese New Year celebration New York have been simplified, then even it is an important affair, specially in the lives of Chinese residing in New York and is often extended to people from other parts of the world staying in New York; as it is rightly said, enjoyment doubles when it is shared. If you want to know more about Chinese New Year celebrations in other countries and other parts of the world, then you should continue browsing