Chinese New Year celebration in London

Though New Year is celebrated with great pomp and glory in China, it is also a mega event of Chinese New Year celebration in London. Lots of Chinese people stay in London and though they cannot manage to visit their native place, they celebrate in their ow style right at London. They celebrate it in such enthusiasm that often it takes the celebration of a mega event and people from other nations also become a part of the celebration.  

The venue of Chinese New Year celebration in London is at city center, which is marked by a series of events, which lasts for some days. Chinese New Year celebration in London start with a parade, as it is celebrated in China itself.

This grand parade starts from the Strand in city center and it continues to Shaftesbury Avenue passing Charing Cross Road. The focus of this revelry are Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. There are many events full of enjoyment as the parade continues passing important places in the city of London. The lion dancers dance all the way in the tunes of Chinese music and the Chinese talent show is also noticeable.

Do you know there are also martial art demonstrations, which are ancient way of protecting oneself.

Chinese New Year celebration in London in Trafalgar Square is very lively with Western and Chinese style opera and there are also other popular events. In that afternoon if the New Year, there are Peking and Cantonese Opera, for the entertainment of the people. If you land up there and happen to be at Leicester Square then beware of the firecrackers as the sounds of the crackers are almost deafening, which are followed bu traditional fireworks show, which is full of light depicting the light in the lives of the Chinese.

As the sun prepares itself to set for the day, people are greeted at Chinatown with food stalls and exhibitions. The 65 restaurants become lively and the Chinese dancers perform in them and food is served on first come first serve basis. So, prior reservations are not required.

Every year, Chinese New Year celebration in London is becoming bigger and bigger and London is the perfect setting to celebrate the cultural wealth of the Chinese community of London.

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