Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia

On Chinese New Year Celebration in Malaysia
The Chinese new year is an important festival of Malaysia and is celebrated with great excitement and gusto. The day is basically celebrated on the occasion of the initial day in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is regarded as the most important festival for all the Chinese folk, living in this southeast Asian country.

Practices of Chinese New Year Celebration in Malaysia
It is a tradition among the Chinese to name each year after an animal from the Chinese zodiac. In the days, preceding the Chinese new year, the Malaysians clean their residences and then decorate them. The decorations are done keeping in mind the Chinese new year.

In preparations of the Chinese New Year, the Malaysians settle their debts and also make offerings. They buy new cloths and prepare a lot of food for use in the Chinese new year celebrations.

Positive Aspects of Chinese New Year Celebration in Malaysia On the Chinese new year, members of a family come from far flung places. People give and take new year cards with their relatives and friends. Families across Malaysia hold reunion dinners just the day before the Chinese new year arrives. In this dinner one is not allowed to dwell in negative thoughts or use foul language while speaking.

Attractions of Chinese New Year Celebration in Malaysia
Among the major attractions of the Chinese new year celebration in Malaysia are small fire works and lion dances. On this day red papers are pasted on both sides of houses. These red papers contain Chinese characters, that show wealth and prosperity. Malaysians give out ang-pows to the old people and the kids. The ang-pows are red packets that contain money.

They also practice open houses for their relatives and friends, who belong to different ethnic races. The Chinese new year celebrations last for a fortnight but the emphasis is primarily on the first three days. The Chinese new year celebrations end with Chap Goh Mei on the last day.

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