Chinese New Year celebration in Australia

Chinese New Year or the Lantern Festival is celebrated on a wide scale in Australia. Thousands of tourists from across the world arrive in this part of the globe to witness the unrestrained and most joyous revelry that lasts for a period of 15 days at stretch. If you are planning for an exciting trip, then do try to visit Australia during this event. You will surely enjoy the preparations of the Chinese New Year celebration in Australia.

It is believed that the large number of Chinese migrants came to Australia between 1850s and 1860s in the time of Gold Rush. Of the total strength of the miners employed at mine, Chinese miners formed the majority. Today, most of the Chinese families residing in Australia can trace their roots way back to that period of time.

Not only this, the monuments and buildings constructed by the Chinese settlers also reflect the old connection between the two different cultures. A good view of this can be taken in the towns of Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria.

Chinese New Year Celebration in Australia
Going by history, it has become quite evident that the festival of Chinese New Year in Australia is also celebrated with equal excitement and fervor as it can be for any other Australian events. At the Chinatowns of the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, you will come across various centers engaged in the celebration of the festival. Besides, Brisbane has a Chinatown area too where again the flavor of the festivities can be enjoyed at its best.

You will be delighted to see that various attractive events are held to mark Chinese New Year celebration in Australia. The highlights of this New Year celebration include a Grand Parade, Sedan Chair Races, Dragon Boat and night markets. You must not miss out on the dragon boat parade of the Chinatowns here.

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