Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong is one of the major events in the calendar of festivities of the people of Hong Kong. Quite obviously, the celebration is more special when it takes part in Hong Kong itself, just as New Year in solar calendar is

celebrated in West. The Chinese follow the Lunar calendar and generally if falls in between the late January or early February in solar calendar. Though the event of of 1 day, the celebration lasts for a few more days.

Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong usually lasts for 7 days of mega event, while the enjoyment lingers on in the mind and lives of the people for some more days. The beginning of Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong is with cable car ride from Victoria peak, which offers a panoramic view of the whole city and you can actually look into the city celebrations.

The ride passes through Aberdeen fishing village, where you can have Sampan ride,

Repulse Bay and also Stanley market which is famous for shopping. If you happen to be there then look for arts, crafts and clothing. New Year Parade is a major event to welcome the happiness with new year and in Hong Kong, this parade comprises of dancers, celebrities, floats and also loads of entertainment. A dinner cruise is also organized at the harbor and the city witnesses fireworks show, which is indeed a spectacular event. Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong also brings with it lots of leisure time, which is really needed in today's world, and thus beautiful long lasting memories are created in the minds of the people which give them the energy to carry out with their daily lives and look forward to the next New Year Celebrations.

Visitors during Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong are often awestruck by the nature of celebration which goes on for 15 days. Festive lighting over the skyscrapers fill the air with joy and happiness. People often visit the pilgrimage sites which include the temples, special tours, flower markets and much more destinations. The enjoyment is beyond imagination and this that the Chinese know how to enjoy life.

If you wish to visit China, then you must visit during this season and you will greeted with Kung Hei Fat Choi, which means Prosperous New Year, the biggest and brightest festival of China.

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