Chinese New Year celebration in Beijing

We are all aware that the origin of Chinese New year is China itself. This Asian country boasts of having largest concentration of Chinese in the world. The Chinese New Year, commonly known as Lunar New Year is celebrated throughout China in a magnificent fashion. The whole of China dresses itself in a merry mood with the surrounding reflecting a charming atmosphere. Beijing, the capital city of the country is the throb of the country where the New Year celebration finds a different look. Owing to the strict adherence to traditional beliefs the Chinese New Year celebration in Beijing is performed in a traditional way with certain digressions. As whole of China enjoys holiday, people in Beijing make it a point to celebrate it in the best possible way.

Merrymaking is the essence of every festival and the Spring Festival does not lack that essence. If you visit the city of Beijing, you will discover the level of enthusiasm among the young and old revelers in the streets. Besides decorating their homes with lights and posters, the natives of the city look out for various other ways of Chinese New Year celebration in Beijing.

During this festive time people listen to the classical Chinese instruments and decorate the gardens with red lanterns and streamers to give a colorful look. Children are given different types of gifts wrapped in red packets with numerous designs. The locals consider this a symbol of good luck. The Chinese New Year gets the attention of the people when a long procession visits the Temple Fair. The Dalian Temple Fair near the Exhibition Center is considered very colorful, crowded and vibrant.

The performance of the Chinese Lion dancers during Chinese New Year fair is worth applauding. Since people expect to do something different during the Chinese New Year celebration in Beijing, you will find some of them shopping and buying some of the savories like steamed rice flour dumplings, known as tikoy. People often go out to their friends and relation’s house to greet them and wish prosperity and good luck to them. There are plenty of restaurants and street hawkers in Beijing from where the merry makers eat their traditional dishes. It is a common practice to offer cooked 'dumplings' as gifts to your near and dear ones. Decorating the surrounding with red color and wearing red cloths is a common trend. Since red is considered to have the power to drive away any evil influence, people try to use it frequently.

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