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METAL RAT Astrology
Jan 31, 1900 to Feb 18, 1901
Jan 28, 1960 to Feb 14, 1961

Chinese Astrology Rat is a symbol of attractive and charming persons who are always surrounded by admirers and friends. Rat people are perfectionists having a strong sense of imagination. People born under this Chinese astrology love to be leaders and enjoy the fame and success in life.


Metal Rats are extremely successful in their career, always striving for newer horizons. When it comes to love, this zodiac sign is a little sensitive, as they have often been wounded in the past. Yet when they meet their true love they give it their undivided devotion and time.

WATER RAT Astrology
Feb 18, 1912 to Feb 5, 1913
Feb 15, 1972 to Feb 2, 1973

People who come under the Chinese water rat are very charming and smart people. They are perfectionist and leadership comes naturally top them. Water rats also have a soft side under their firm exteriors. They act as humanitarian fighters bringing happiness and smiles into other peopleâ??s lives. They are loyal and sincere and make very good friends. People who come under this Chinese astrology are generally very good in their career, but they need to balance their spending habits. They donâ??t take their love life casually and commit themselves completely once they fall in love.

WOOD RAT Astrology
Feb 5, 1924 to Jan 23, 1925
Feb 2, 1984 to Feb 19, 1985

Wood Rat people are quite attractive with a charming disposition. Known for their leadership qualities, people under this Chinese astrology are also perfectionists. They make very good friends and are quite successful in life. Wood rats are generally shy and introvert. Yet they make it big in their career and other projects. When it comes to love, this Chinese astrological sign doesnâ??t express much. Their actions speak louder than words.
FIRE RAT Astrology
Jan 24, 1936 to Feb 10, 1937
Feb 19, 1996 to Feb 6, 1997

Fire rat Chinese astrology is a sign under which people are at their charming best. Although they are known to be surrounded by friends, they are hardly ever lasting friendships. They are serious people and function as perfectionists. Excellent with words, people under this Chinese horoscope love to get into intellectual discussions. They are confident and free spirited and donâ??t like to be tied down.
EARTH RAT Astrology
Feb 10, 1948 to Jan 28, 1949
Feb 7 , 2008 to Jan 25, 2009

Earth Rat people are extremely charming and attractive people. They are known for their loyalty and true friendship. In the starting of their career, people of this Chinese Astrology are slow climbers often tumbling on their way. But later in life these earth rats, gain momentum and rise to new heights. Strong ethics, discipline, caution and long hours assure their success on every step. They are very sensitive to the needs of their loved ones and pamper them with flowers, and romantic getaways. People under this zodiac sign love adventure and always seek opportunities to new excursions.

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