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Feb 6, 1951 to Jan 26, 1952
Feb 3, 2011 to Jan 22, 2012

People under this Chinese Astrology are very colorful people. They are very curious and respond to power and beauty naturally. Luck walks along with them. But it comes when they work towards it. They are very pleasant around people and are generally warm and affectionate by nature.

For metal rabbits the values of life are very important. Riches and fame are only temporary but oneâ??s reputation is for life. Metal rabbits strongly believe in this lesson of life. They hardly ever seek the limelight, but always pave the way for others success. Metal rabbits make fine book agents, art critics, teachers, political campaigners and great organizers. Though they may shy away from the limelight, they are extremely trustworthy and are always surrounded by friends. Since they are so pure of heart, their finances sometimes run deep into trouble. But on the other hand their love lives are picture perfect and complete in themselves.

Jan 29, 1903 to Feb 15, 1904
Jan 25, 1963 to Feb 12, 1964

Water rabbit people are very fancy and befriend the nature completely. People under this Chinese astrological sign are the luckiest of all twelve zodiac signs. But this luck is a combined effort of the hard work and dedication they give to all their assignments. Known for their cautious and conservative nature, they are very good in the business field. Water rabbits are peace loving people and hardly ever lose their temper. Their pleasant disposition makes them loved by all. Typical to this astrology sign, rabbits are very quite people. They have a philosophical bend of mind and love music, art and peace. Their ambitious nature, easily takes them to the top of the ladder. But as far as the finances go, money just slips away from their hands. People of this zodiac sign value their relationships, making them a complete person.

Feb 14, 1915 to Feb 2, 1916
Feb 11, 1975 to Jan 30, 1976

Wood rabbit people are very quite and warm people. Power and solitude pull them on two sides. Luck always walks along with them but they never take rash decisions or unwisely steps. They are generally cautious, conservative and bright people. Wood rabbits always earn deep respect and admiration from others. They have a philosophical bend of mind and love to read and indulge in music and art. But as far as their finances go, they have to keep a very strict check on it. Wood rabbits are big spenders and hardly have anything saved for tougher days. As far as their love lives are concerned, they are very romantic and flatter their sweetheart with all types of gifts and surprises.


Feb 2, 1927 to Jan 22, 1928
Jan 29, 1987 to Feb 16, 1988

People of this Chinese astrology are quite, polite and brilliant. Known for their soft nature and intellectual bend of mind these people are the luckiest of all zodiac signs. Natural beauty and power pull them on both sides and they search out for the best option. Fire rabbits are pleasant to be around and hardly ever lose their temper. Unlike other rabbits, they are not quiet and silent people. People of this Chinese horoscope are complete extroverts and natural leaders. They are visionary explorers and extremely hard working. Also unlike other rabbits they can manage their finances quite well and are generally very rich. Capable of meeting every challenge of life, they climb new horizons and live quite a versatile life. They make excellent lovers who pamper their partners with candle light dinners, hugs and undying love and support for the entire life.
Feb 19, 1939 to Feb 7, 1940
Feb 16, 1999 to Feb 4, 2000

Earth rabbit people are very lucky and pursue the goals of their lives with complete dedication. They are generally peace-loving people having an intellectual bend of mind. Earth rabbits are very hard working people and never give under difficult situations. Their creative bend of minds always takes them on unseen lands and even come out successful. Their only drawback is they get bored easily and then again search for newer horizons. In this process their finances also suffer. People of this Chinese horoscope are very romantic and give their heart and soul to a relationship.

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