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METAL OX Astrology
Feb 19, 1901 to Feb 7, 1902
Feb 15, 1961 to Feb 4, 1962

Oxen people are bright, happy, easy-going and extremely trust worthy. But on the other side they can be very stubborn and short tempered. They are also very competitive and natural mentors. They are generally very alert and make wonderful homes and structures.

Along with this brilliance, they also have a sensitive side with a touch of poetic flair. Metal Oxen are warm people and make very good friends. They love to socialize and throw parties. When it comes to their career they are hard working, determined and dedicated. People under this Chinese astrology are mysterious lovers.

WATER OX Astrology
Feb 6, 1913 to Jan 25, 1914
Feb 3, 1973 to Jan 22, 1974

People who come under the Chinese astrology sign are always in the limelight. Known for bright nature and carefree way of life, water ox people are liked by all. Success comes easy to them as they are natural geniuses. They are men of deeds rather than words. After all actions speak louder than words. They are practical and open-minded and donâ??t judge people based on face value. People under this Chinese astrology are quite wealthy. Their love life is no less rewarding filled with love, romance and security.

WOOD OX Astrology
Jan 25, 1925 to Feb 12, 1926
Feb 20, 1985 to Feb 8, 1986
People who come under wood ox astrology are put on a higher pedestal than other people. Born geniuses these people are bright and brilliant. Along with their charming personality they are also quite stubborn and short tempered. Wood ox people have many times been mentors and people tend to look up to them. These people also have a great sense of humor and challenge everyoneâ??s tickling buds. They have a strong moral code and believe in ethics and integrity in life. Wood oxen people are also very practical but the finances are not very stable, as they tend to lend money to friends quite often. People under this Chinese sign are very good with relationships. They always sit down and talk their differences over and donâ??t let misunderstandings crop between them.


FIRE OX Astrology
Feb 11, 1937 to Jan 30, 1938
Feb 7, 1997 to Jan 27, 1998

Fire Ox people are intelligent, smart and peace loving. They are also extremely competitive and stubborn people. Fire Oxen are very wise people and create wonderful homes and structures. The strong characteristics of this Chinese zodiac are ethics, family, kindness, friendship and complete honesty. When things start getting haphazard and confusing they quickly come forward and take charge of the situation completely. People under this Chinese astrology are very highly valued by their colleagues and superiors. They are very good finance planners and invest their money appropriately.
EARTH OX Astrology
Jan 29, 1949 to Feb 16, 1950
Jan 26, 2009 to Feb 13, 2010

People under this Chinese astrology are unique and highly gifted. They are extremely intelligent, bright and peace loving people and everybody loves to be around them. But they also have a extremely fierce nature and are very competitive. Earth oxen are famous for the sincerity in their character with kindness filled in their heart. If you are with earth oxen they will never let you loose way. They are extremely brave people and come out as winners from every situation. These Chinese astrology people make great lovers and are kind, sympathetic and understanding towards their lover.

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