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Jan 30, 1930 to Feb 16, 1931
Jan 27, 1990 to Feb 14, 1991
People of this Chinese astrology have a perfect balance of all the best qualities. The horse zodiac sign is a symbol of grace, strength, rhythm and aristocracy. They are very hard workers and mostly come out successful in all their ventures. Metal horses always seek the limelight and love to be surrounded by strong and powerful people. They have a taste for life and can often be spotted at concerts, music festivals and other artistic spectrums.

Metal horses also make quite inquisitive learners always ready to learn new things in life. By nature they are very serious people and give their careers due importance. As far as their love lives go, metal horses lead a stable and romantic lover life, committed to their partner life long.

Feb 15, 1942 to Feb 4, 1943
Feb 12, 2002 to Jan 31, 2003

Water horses are cheerful and happy people. True to their astrology, water horses are full of energy all the time. Seeking limelight they love to be the center of attraction. They are very serious people, having an artistic bend of mind. You can often spot water horses at concerts, art galleries and music festivals. Like all horses, they are quite hard working and take their careers very seriously. As lovers, they believe in the eternal love story. They pledge their commitment and undying love to their partner and they completely mean it.

WOOD HORSE Astrology
Feb 3, 1954 to Jan 23, 1955
Wood horse people are one of the strongest zodiac signs in the Chinese astrology. Like a speeding horse they run towards their destination and always face life with excitement and challenge. Horses are symbolic of grace, strength, balance and dignity. Wood horses are very intelligent and good-natured people. Holding quite high positions, wood horses are very good decision makers and their judgment is always on the mark. People of this Chinese astrology live life to its fullest with enjoying and sharing their success with friends and associates. In their love life they are a treasure trove of surprises. They are completely honest in their relationship and believe in life long relationship.

FIRE HORSE Astrology
Jan 25, 1906 to Feb 12, 1907
Jan 21, 1966 to Feb 8, 1967

Fire horse people are wild and passionate about life. People of this Chinese astrology maintain the right balance of life. They are very hard workers and always come out successful in their enterprises. They have the will power of steel and patience of the desert. Even in the most difficult of situations, fire horses come out as winners. They make deep thinkers and in their spare time take to reading, listening to music and traveling. They love discipline and maintain equilibrium in their work front. People of this Chinese astrology make inspiring leaders who are respected in all walks of life. Even in finances they maintain the balance with not too much or too little of resources. Fire horses make quite noble lovers with love poems and kisses showered on their sweetheart often.
Feb 11, 1918 to Jan 31, 1919
Feb 7, 1978 to Jan 27, 1979
Earth horses are very strong and active people. People of this Chinese astrology maintain the perfect grace between strength and dignity. They love to be around people and limelight suits them well. They proudly hold their head high and are known to take perfect decisions at all times. Earth horses also make very good friends, with a tolerant nature in difficult times and a great participant in merriment. They command honor and admiration by the way they carry themselves. They are serious workers and take their careers and financial lives with much seriousness. As lovers, they are very much romantic and surprise their beloved with weekend getaways and love.

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