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Steeped in oriental culture, China is the hot spot for most tourists. Not only does China take you down to the 2000 years old Great Wall it educates you about the different dynasties ruling China, their habitats, fortification, administration and amazing architectural skill. Monasteries, temples of Buddha are a cultural heritage of China. If you wish for a cultural tour to China it is best to log in to 123chinese New Year to get ideas about the places to visit in cultural China.

Exploring China's largest city Shanghai , touring the city's famous waterfront promenade, the Bund; the Old Town, and the tranquil Yu Garden with its Jade Buddha Temple can give you the feeling of cultural China. The temple is known for its two rare statues of Buddha, each carved out of a single piece of white jade.

Both the statues depict Buddha in his spiritual quest, one at the moment of his enlightenment, and the other as he is passing into Nirvana. The statues were brought by a monk from Burma in 1890, eight years after the construction of the temple. The excellent Shanghai Museum houses sensational works of art from all Chinese periods. They are displayed on several floors.

Shanghai and Suzhou
Trip to the historical town of Suzhou, China's well-known city of gardensâ?? is worth all the trouble. Dating from Pi Jiang Garden of the Eastern Jing Dynasty, Suzhou's art of gardening has endured for 1,500 years .

Xi'an is the ancient seat of 73 emperors and 11 dynasties. The Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and the Tang dynasties ruled from Xi'an. The Silk Road also commenced from here.
Terra Cotta Warriors is impressive host of thousands of life-size terra cotta warriors. They had been guarding the emperor's burial site for over 2000 years.

Yangtze River Cruise
As you drift along the Shennong Stream that starts from Mt Shennong Jia in Hubei Province you will thoroughly enjoying the Yangtze River its stunning gorges and river scenery. Parrot and the Dragon Boot are the gorges you come across while cruising with river. It is a breathtaking sight of the ancient suspension coffins and aquatic caves. You will also experience the culture of the Tujia minority. You can incorporate the Three Gorges Dam in your excursion.

While visiting China don't miss out on. â?¦Great Wall , Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Army, ... having lunch with the monks at the Samye Monastery is an experience worth your lifetime, watching the locals dance in downtown Zhongdian (Shangri-La) will take you to the heart of Chinese cultureâ?¦ Silk Road Adventure , Mystical Tibet ... with picturesque Lhasa and Enchanting Yangtze River ...

Discover the enchanting landscape of the Chinese mainland, its people, national heritage and its culture by logging on to Cultural Tour China of 123Chinese New Year.


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