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China is a country, which can provide you with a lot of scope for traveling and exploring the charismatic beauty of the country. Being the mostly populated country of the world and being slightly bigger than the United States in area, China presents limitless varieties of stunning scenery and many historical wonders. If you are quite impressed with the mystic beauty of China and have decided to spend your vacation exploring different places in China then the best option would be to contact a travel agency and book a nice travel tour.But before contacting any tour operator you should yourself check out some facts about the travel agency who would be responsible for your China tour and obviously the path of the places, which the China travel tour would be taking 4.93 million people.

While selecting the travel agency for your China tour you should always check that the travel agency should have an affiliation with the China Professionals-Worker's International Travel Service Head Office. The month of May, September and October are considered to be the ideal months for traveling in any part of the country.

Central and northern parts of China enjoy the maximum part of tourism during the months of June to August as in these months the southern part of china often experiences rains and hence are not considered to be the right place for China tour.

The tourist revenue for China has increased since many tourist attractions have been added to the list. According to a fact the revenue from tourism for china exceeded $30 billion and is still expected to rise. Keeping these facts in mind the Chinese government has started improving the rail system and their historical monuments and sites. The major tourist attractions in china include the Yangtze River, the terracotta army of Xian, temples of Tibet, the Great Wall of China, the ancient places of Shanghai, the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Talking of travel agencies, there are about 13000 travel agencies, which offer tours in the mountains and rivers in different provinces of China. The main tour operators of china include names like China International Travel Service, China Comfort Travel and the online agencies are,, and You can also take the services of many tour guides who can help you in your journey. he tastiest food found all over China.


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