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The year 2007, by the records of Chinese calendar, is the year of Pig.The Chinese horoscope signifies that there are 12 different animals representing 12 consecutive years. So anyone born in a particular year that is named after any of the 12 animals, possess certain traits of that animal. Each animal year comes after a round of 12 years. Since Year 2007 has a unique combination of water as its base and fire as its symbol, it means that, this year is bully for all the Pigs. According to the early Chinese sages, the world is balanced between the two beginnings of Ying and Yang.

This is to say that a Ying year should always be in harmony with the Yang occurrences. The animals that fall under the Ying element are: Bull, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Rooster and Pig. People born under Ying year generally, feel fatigue. By making best use of the five elements: earth, air, wood and metal the Ying denizens should boost up their energy.

The remaining six animals: Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Dog, and Tiger fall under the Yang energy. People born in Yang year are flexible, sensitive and innovative. These people should avoid being under stress. Now, if you happen to be a Pig, and have hang-ups of being one, then you need to read further to find how pleasing the traits of this Zodiac sign can be. The pigs are the nicest and most deferential of all. And this makes others to think that pigs are obstinate and stuck-up. But as a matter of fact, Pigs are very benevolent. The go out of their way to make their family and friends pleased. But many a times this very trait of theirs works against them. They so much get involved in their own world that they stop socializing. This also hampers their future so much so that they become myopic of the opportunities that can make their life better. Besides, Pigs are born intellectuals and have great fire for wisdom. They are also passionate lovers of luxury. When it comes to luxury their sole motto is the more…. the better. Pig:  1935  1947  1959  1971  1983  1995  2007